The Ninjabread Man

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The Ninjabread Man

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Prepare yourself for a new breed of fairy tale.

Charlie is a simple gingerbread boy whose happy life is ripped away when his parents are killed. Taking an oath of vengeance, he becomes the Ninjabread Man, dealing death from the shadows.

Now, years later, he’s finally on the trail of those who murdered his parents. Teaming up with Snow White and battling players like Pied Piper (it’s pronounced “pee-yed”) and Hansel and Gretel, and with the help of a tribe of raucous, out-of control fairy Scotts, Charlie’s quest of vengeance is just beginning – and yet the ending will leave you screaming for more.

From the minds of Z.C. Bolger (Danny Calloway and the Puzzle House) and Garrett Robinson (Realm Keepers) comes this classic fairy tale/ninja revenge action/comedy/fantasy epic – with a twist.

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5 out of 5 stars

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“A short, humorous work that takes the reader on a tale of culinary vengeance.”
~Ray Nicholson – Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

“Ninjabread Man, very much reminded me of the humor of the Simpsons and Family Guy, mixed with a taste of Shrek.”
~Carl A. Sinclair

“Full of action, adventure, and references that will both make you laugh and make you feel nostalgic for the fairy tales you heard as a kid…”
~Bill Dowis