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    Thirteen-year-old Danny Calloway thinks he's just a weird kid. His ability to solve complex mathematical equations and decipher cryptic messages in the blink of an eye has been hard to deal with. But the strangest birthday present sets the wheels in motion to change the course of his life forever.

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    Charlie is a simple gingerbread boy whose happy life is ripped away when his parents are killed. Taking an oath of vengeance, he becomes the Ninjabread Man, dealing death from the shadows.

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    What if you spent half your life here, in our world, and the other half battling for mankind’s survival against foes too terrible to be real?

    This is reality for the Realm Keepers: six ordinary kids thrust into a terrifying war between our world and Chaos.

  • http://www.storyroadbooks.com/danny-calloway-and-the-puzzle-house/
  • http://www.storyroadbooks.com/the-ninjabread-man-2/
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